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This just came in from the Dance Heritage Coalition. Sorry for the
repetition if you have already received the information.

CLIR Commissions Report on
Dance Documentation and Preservation

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) has
commissioned the Dance Heritage Coalition to prepare a report on the
preservation needs of dance documentation and related issues. Titled
"Securing Our Dance Heritage: Issues in the Documentation and
of Dance," the publication will be written by Allegra Fuller
Snyder and Catherine Johnson. It will provide readers with a context
understanding the breadth of dance's reach across a number of
in both the arts and humanities and the importance of documenting dance
for humanists as well as the creators and performers of dance.

"The Dance Heritage Coalition has been a leader in documenting
preserving dance materials in all media," said Abby Smith, Preservation
and Access Program Officer at CLIR. "Increasingly,libraries have to
and serve materials relating to a subject that exist not only on
also on CD-ROMs, videotapes, and electronic media. We also face the
preservation dilemma that the dance community struggles with -- how do
ensure the continued access to vital information that exists on magnetic
media like videotape? This report will engage the libary community in
important issues of securing our dance heritage."

CLIR is a private not-for-profit organization that is the successor to
Council on Library and Information Resources and the Commission on
Preservation and Access, which merged last year. It is dedicated to
developing collaborative solutions to the problems of libraries,
and other information providers, and its four areas of interest are:
preservation and access, digital libraries, leadership, and the
economics of

The report is expected to be distributed by CLIR in early 1999. For more
information, contact Michelle Forner, Director, DHC at

Andrea Snyder, Director
National Initiative to Preserve America's Dance
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
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