Re: Promoting Technology

Rachel Price (
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 17:25:59 +0000

Mark wrote:

> On the other hand, you are then in a trap because people come to the
> performance looking for technilogical innovation. This trap can be
> witnessed in the discussion on the Millennarium piece. Expectations changed
> because of the way that the piece has been promoted, which of course makes
> complete sense. I think that we can find tendency buried here, namely, that
> many believe that the use of technology in an artwork holds some magical
> promise of a deeper, more profound experience. (This is natural considering
> the mantra that has been touted by the media and technology related
> companies for a long time, "technology is good, technology simplifies life,
> technology enriches... etc.")

I admit that I went to see Millennarium because it was reviewed in
The Scotsman as being a piece that "explores the uses of new dancers explore both real and virtual space".
Now thinking about it I did think that I would see a fantastic use of
new technology to go where no man has been before.

Newness and technology go hand in hand. As technological advances
press more and more into people's lives I guess it will continue to
be a fascination, and an added incentive to go and see a piece of
artwork, whether you believe the hype that technology is good or not.

Although the Random piece was nothing like the review I read, I was
not disappointed, because movement wise and how it impacted
me - was exciting and exploratory..... I just figured that some
journalist got overexcited..and whatever it takes to get people to
see what you are doing right?

Does mentioning too much about technology when promoting a show
create too many expectations? Does it detract from the art? or the
enjoyment or reception of what is experienced?

I guess it's tricky to gauge but then it's like all marketing it
depends who you are trying to attract



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