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Joukje (
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 16:28:40 +0000


Nick Rothwell wrote:

> > I would be very interested to hear more from you about your
> > perception of The Millennarium. Prehaps there is an expectation that
> > technology should be evident on stage in gizmos and effects rather
> > than be informative of the process of choreographic creation, as is
> > the case for Random Dance Company.
> Actually, that serves as clarification. I don't have any problem with
> technology being utilised in the creative process - it's certainly
> better than "gizmos and effects." I guess the issue then becomes: how
> important is the technological aspect to the audience (or various
> audiences)? In the case of Random, the press releases pushed the
> project as a technological one (almost, I have to say, as a matter of
> style) and yet this didn't come across in the performances. (I have no
> criticism of the performances - I thought the work was rather good -
> but I admit I'm always rather wary of press copy...)

I agree with Nick. I saw the performance and was not at all impressed with the
technology aspect which had been anounced in the press. I cannot remember
reading anything informative about the way in which the technology had been
used or the kind of technology used. To me it seemed like a lot of bla bla
about technology to attract audience and funding. I am still interested in the
technology used. How this influenced the process of creating the dance. Can
you say something about this, Sophie?

Joukje Kolff