Re: brainwaves - NOT

Richard Povall (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 08:10:32 -0400

>I've experience this IBVA system demo'd several occasions over the past
>several years.
>I have never been able to see ANY response modality that was:
>(a) reliably repeatable; and
>(b) repeatably correlated with ANY form of conscious intent / user cognitive

There was quite a lot of activity in this area in the late 70s/early 80s in
the music world. Composers David Rosenboom and Richard Tietelbaum were
perhaps the best known practitioners, and I witnessed at least one
performance of a piece by Rosenboom in which brainwave patterns were having
a discernable - and repeatable - influence on sonic material. It's true to
say (in this particular instance) that the results were significantly
better in rehearsal than in performance, with its attendant stresses.

I'm not necessarily advocating brainwaves as a powerful or responsive
controller - but there is a body of work out there.


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