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>>IBVA's tech hasn't changed much. I'm using MindSet unit. 16 channels of eeg
>>or ecg
>>Basic audio/visual feedback modalities are provided as well as a
>>multi-channel, multi-parameter
>>threshold definition structure.
>>Output of actor's & audience's physiological interaction in real time...
>>The relationship becomes the audio/visual world
>***can you tell us more?
Busy at mo. so will be brief... besides I've just joined this list and it
is prudent to get a 'feel' for a list before rambling...
The idea is that the visual background and auditory sounds for the theatre
piece are determined by relationships in the actor's and audience's
physiology. The relationships can be identified by phase coherence in the
variabilities of say the R to R intervals of the ecgs and based on these
output to midi.
Is anyone of this list familiar with a 'neat' pience of software called
Neattools at;

Also Jennifer Allanson has a very clear overview of biofeedback and VR
technology at;

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