Re: hand drawn spaces

Johannes Birringer (
Tue, 28 Jul 98 20:17 +0100

Thanks for your wonderful report, Tara.
you wrote

>I saw the 'Hand-Drawn Spaces' virtual performance this past week
>at the Siggraph conference in Orlando....
>'Hand-Drawn Spaces' was shown in the electronic theatre. It was designed
>to be displayed upon three separate projection screens.

Could you tell us how this electronic theatre looked, how were the three screens
placed? Next to each other at the back of stage (film theatre?). How much
negative space in-between? Why was the piece titled "hand-drawn SPACES?"

How was the audience response or response during the discussion? Did Merce
indicate that he was doing more of this animation work now (making it easier to
travel work without dancers?). Were any of the dancers present to comment?
just wondering.

Johannes Birringer
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