Chichester Workshop Finish

Scott deLahunta (
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 10:36:14 +0200

The 'Migratory Bodies' Chichester workshop has come to a close, one week
ago today. Last Saturday 18 July at approximately 8:30 pm the final
exhibition/ installation/ performance environment was opened to the
public... to wander into and around. The environment reminded me a bit of
Documenta's 'Hybrid Workspace' in Kassel this last summer. Although we had
disconnected our ethernet network in order to place the computers in
different sites in the different spaces -- and lacking the necessary
cabling to reconnect them we had to pass samples around via disk and
videotape. This was a rather strange process of going from a state of
'connectivity' to one of relative disconnection... electronically speaking.

Typically as with final 'showings' of short intensive workshops, we fell
into some confusion about what the 'audience' experience should be... and
in the end the presentation did seem to fall 'in between' various
categories. Part carnival/ street performances, museum installation/
exhibition, working laboratory and conventional performance -- it probably
would have been appropriate to have served food and drink and made 'migbot'
souvenirs available.

The previous three posts I sent to this list cover a lot of the details of
what was going on during the workshop, and there are some final reports
being written at present, some of which we may be able to post to this list
or to the DTZ critical theory pages. The project website is still up... in
need of some repair but you are welcome to visit



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