Re: Getting to the States and UK

Mary-Lou Michael (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 22:46:28 +0000

Lesley Wheeler wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm on the trail of a couple of invitations.
> I'm putting an application for travel funding in to our state arts funding
> body and I need an invitation from an instutution in the states an another
> in the UK for November/December this year.
> I am currently undertaking a Masters in the aesthetic expectation and
> perception of audiences to computer-animated dance and I wil be converting
> this to a PhD at the end of this year.
> Living in the world's most isolated city rather reduces the industry and
> research contact that one needs.
> If anyone can help me out with suggestions (or invitations) I'd be only
> toooooo appreciative.
> I currently work with choreographer Chrissie Parrott who is researching the
> use of motion capture in it's different technological formats to create
> dance film and we are currently preparing a paper on the two aspects in
> which we work as they compliment each other.
> Chrissie and I will be travelling together (she already has her funding in
> place)
> Hope someone can help out here.
> Lesley
I'm not going to be too much help, as I live in South Australia, but I
just had an article published through Ausdance on Dance/Tech you may
be interested in. They have asked to have it published in the WA
edition. Cheers and good luck