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Digital Dancing 98 continues for its 5th year as a Dance Umbrella event.
Digital Dancing is neither a workshop nor conference but sets out to create
a unique space in which teams of artists - led by choreographers - can
produce new work in a milieu that encourages experimentation with digital
technology and dance. Digital Dancing 98 will be taking place at the new
Jerwood Space on Union Street in London, SE1 from Monday 19th October for
three weeks.

This year we are particularly interested in developing ways in which the
teams can present their work to potential sources of funding, commissions
or professional development. This will entail presentations of work to key
decision makers in the arts, media and culture. We will also continue to
organise special introductory sessions for dance and new media students and

Digital Dancing 97 commissioned Susan Kozel and her team to produce "Ghosts
and Astronauts", a live telepresence dance work for Halloween that linked
Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London with the Place Theatre in Euston,
London. This year we hope to commission Random Dance Company and Company in
Space to create a dance piece as an international live link simultaneously
between Digital Dancing in London and the Melbourne International Arts

Last year six bursary award winning teams spent two weeks producing
Digital Dance projects at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith working alongside
a series of public and private events focussing on one of the most
interesting growth areas in the arts. During Digital Dancing 97 there was
an emphasis, supported by an Arts For Everyone grant, on producing work
that could be further developed over the 12 months between Digital Dancing
97 and Digital Dancing 98.

This year, with the remaining funds from the Arts For Everyone grant, we
want to both develop projects from last year's teams as well as encourage
new teams of choreographers & digital artists to participate by selecting a
maximum of six teams to create work for Digital Dancing 98.

We are inviting applications from both old and new teams to participate on
an equal basis during Digital Dancing 98.

o 1 o Previous 1997 participants are invited to reapply for up to three
team-places to further develop their projects.

o 2 o There will also be an open submission for new teams of choreographers
& digital artists to fill up to three of the remaining team-places.
There are a maximum number of 36 people places at Digital Dancing. An
example of a team may be

Whether you are an experienced Digital Dancing team or new to Digital
Dancing, there will be two levels of participation:
1. Applications are welcome from those who want to participate in this
year's Digital Dancing and do not need to apply for a bursary. (Those teams
that have been successful in raising some funding to develop their projects
should consider applying to participate without applying for bursaries)
2. Applications are also welcome from those who want to participate
and also need to apply for a bursary.

For those who qualify, bursaries of up to 333 per week per person will be
allocated for a minimum of one week and a maximum of three weeks.


1. The Strength of the application - we are particularly interested in
projects that are driven by ideas rather than those that are
2. Evidence of ability to realise these ideas
3. Overall Strength and Track Record of the collaborative team.

Participants will have access to a range of Apple Macintoshes and PCs,
various software packages including Lifeforms, Photoshop, Director and
Premiere as well as 3D authoring software. We will also have access to
Motion Capture equipment.

Once a team has been invited to participate, access to the space, human
resources and technical facilities will be determined by the artistic needs
of each participating team and not whether the team is new or old, a
bursary applicant or independently-funded.

There are two Timetables for applications:

* Timetable for previous participants
Invitations to apply and Guidelines will be published from now.
The Deadline for the receipt of application (by Suzanne @ Illuminations)
is the 31st of July.
The selection panel will consider these applications and make a decision by
the 14th of August.

* Timetable for new applicants
Invitations to apply and Guidelines will be published from now.
The Deadline for the receipt of applications (by Suzanne @ Illuminations)
is the 24th of August.
The selection panel will meet on the 2nd of September
Interviews will be on the 9th & 10th of September.
Final decisions will be made by the 11th of September.

N.B Our sources of funding prohibit teams from applying unless at least
one of the key participants is a UK resident. Furthermore, these places are
available for professional artists only - undergraduate students are not
eligible. Artists need to be sufficiently fluent and confident in their own
art form to allow the emphasis of their project to be on collaboration and
research. There will be a chance for emerging artists to attend an
introductory session during Digital Dancing to get a 'taste' of what it is

Participation and Bursary decisions will be made by a selection panel
chaired by Terry Braun. The current Digital Dancing Steering Group of Nigel
Hinds (Artistic Director of Sadler's Wells Theatre), Theresa Beattie
(Director of the Place Dance Services) and Val Bourne (Director of Dance
Umbrella) will be joined by two new people to make up the section panel.
One of the these two new people will be Hannah Redler, (Digital Media
Coordinator, National Museum of Photography Film & Television). We are
still looking for the second new person - specifically someone from the
world of dance..

For more information;
Ring Suzanne at Illuminations: 0171 226 0266
Email Terry: terry@illumin.co.uk
Or visit: http://www.illumin.co.uk/digitaldancing98\


How to apply

Send the completed application form to:

Suzanne Kelly
Illuminations Interactive
19-20 Rheidol Mews
Rheidol Terrace
N1 8NU

Tel: 0171 226 0266
Fax: 0171 359 1151
E-mail: suzanne@illumin.co.uk

About the applicant


Contact Address

Telephone Numbers
day & evening


CV including previous cross disciplinary experience

Please indicate your availablility for interview on 9th & 10th of September

About the project

o Description of project (in no more than 250 words)

o Names and CV's of collaborators including with particular reference to
previous cross-disciplinary experience

o Please give an indication of your technical requirements and the
amount/nature of technical support you would require

o Please submit a budget. Are you applying for a bursary or a place, (ie.
Do you have other funding for this project?)

o What do you hope to gain from this particular project and how do you
think it will impact on your artistic development?

o Please provide supporting information on past work

Terry Braun

19/20 Rheidol Mews
London N1 8 NU
Great Britain

tel 44 171 226 0266 fax 44 171 359 1151 mobile 0973 835 324

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