Dance at LSC and in Europe

cbodwitc (
Tue, 14 Jul 98 11:26:42 EDT

Hello to everyone,

This message is twofold:

First, I would like to introduce myself and an exciting project that is
happening where I work. My name is Chris Bodwitch and I am a choreographer as
well as Project Manager for Body Instruments dance series at Liberty Science
Center (LSC) in Jersey City, New Jersey. In this series, four companies will
research the scientific concepts associated with one of LSC's three themes of
Environment, Health and Invention respectively and create workshops and new
works in the museum. In addition, each company will explore and integrate
various technologies such as, digital audio/video sampling, machine kinetics,
and remote midi control into their works. The series will provide LSC's guests
with an unique opportunity to experience cutting-edge choreography that also
extends their knowledge of science.

The companies are Mary Seidman and Dancers (NYC), Rhombus Dance (Jersey City,
NJ), Troika Ranch (Brooklyn, NY) and Everett Dance Theatre (Providence, RI).
If you would like to receive a brochure, please email me your address.

Secondly, I am performing in Germany in September and will (hopefully) visit
Paris (Cite des Sciences) and possibly Austria (Technishes Museum Wien) and of
course Deutsches Museum in Munich. I would like to visit other science museums
and/or art centers.

- Does anyone have any recommendations of centers/artists that are incorporating
dance/performance and technology in their work or programs. I would like to
expand LSC's connections abroad to this new genre and possibly bring some
international performers to LSC at some point or create an exchange. I would
also love to see what is going on in Europe for my own personal interest. If you
have suggestions or questions regarding any of the aforementioned material
please contact me.


Contact via:
voice: 201.451.0006 x226
203 Washington St.
Jersey City, NJ 07302