A moving experience?

Lesley Wheeler (cynerjii@jazzline.net.au)
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 08:54:17 +0000

It's been a while - but I'm finally replying. I haven't spent too much time
with my own 'puter lately. Been working on the serious machine on campus and
only using mine for small jobs. Didn't help when my email carrier had
problems when a friend tried to send me a 1.5Mb file as an attachment
either. Jammed up my access for a week.

Nothing much to report on this front. I'm broke as usual and have to start
back at the old telephone market research job again untill I can get some
serious teaching that lasts more than a semester.

Pete's growing like a weed on a daily basis. He's working too these days,
part time at the local 24hour deli (Hungry Spot). I'm going to let him have
his Austudy when he turns 16 in September and he can pay his own way then
with a share of the rent and bills. So the job will supplement that and is
giving him a bit of independance and spending money as well as getting him
ready for having to manage money himself.

We're on semester break at the moment from Uni and the pressure's off for a
while (another 2 weeks anyway). Then all begins in earnest again and will
continue for the next 18 months untill hand-in time. I think I've found my
calling though - really enjoy this research stuff. Been delving pretty
deeply into aesthetics philosophy and perception as well as general
philosophy. The 5 other people in the degree course are great and we're
getting to be a close social group as well as studying together. (which is
good 'cos I still don't have any social life) - 4 of us are the same age as
well, the other 2 are in their 20's.

Anyway babe, I'm going to try to call you today too (Sunday) to find out
where to send your pressie (Pete & me got u one)
So - it's bye from him and bye from me for now

Love you - Miss you - don't work yourself too hard!!!!!!!!

Ciao for now

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