Re: A note from the dance-tech administrator

Sandi Kurtz (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 15:13:17 -0700 (PDT)

Once again I wanted to thank Scott in public for all the work he's
contributed to this list -- it is greatly appreciated. I'm sorry you're
leaving my part of the map, but enjoy the midwest!

sandi kurtz

On Mon, 29 Jun 1998, Scott A. Sutherland wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Sorry it took me a couple days to catch the flood of automatic email
> messages, but the problem should be taken care of now.
> In case you are wondering how these things happen:
> Some types of email software can be set to automatically send out a canned
> reply letting people know you are on vacation, etc. and won't be reading
> their email for a while. Unfortunately, those things don't discriminate
> between email from an individual and email from a list, so every message to
> the list results in a canned reply to the list as well. Much of the time,
> the list processing software catches these before they go out, but not
> always.
> One additional note. I'm in the process of moving to Indianapolis, so my
> monitoring of the list will be sporadic for the next couple of weeks.
> Please bear with me, and we'll be back to normal shortly. Thanks.
> Scott Sutherland
> dance-tech moderator
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