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Doug Rosenberg (
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To the list server:
There is a position open at the University of Madison, Wisconsin for a
lighting designer/Technical Director. If anyone wishes to obtain a Job
description, you may call 608-262-1641 or e-mail We have a brand new theater and are
looking for someone who can interface with both the dance and interarts
and technology programs. Applications are due by June 30th.

<<< Richard Povall <> 6/17 3:28p >>>
>I am working on getting video shot specifically for Internet viewing to
>and compress effectively. We haven't bought the Sorenson codec yet
because of
>the cost, and we need to know whether there is a significant difference
>it. Who out there has used it and what have you tried to do with it?
>long are the movies and what size ?

Sorenson can squish 160X120 movies with compressed (IMA) or PureVoice
16-bit 22K sound (mono) to less than 100K per second (sometime
less) with quite a good picture quality. I don't have my movies up yet,
but will soon. Don't forget that these movies will also stream, so size
not so much of an issue as long as the connection is fast/clean enough
accommodate your data stream. Wish I could tell you more, but I'm not
quite far enough along in the process.

As a repeat of my previous mail, a registered copy of QuickTime 3 will
all this for you for $30 (as will Media Cleaner, with a little more
control, for somewhat less than the $600 Sorenson charges for their


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