Re: Slide projection

Jeff Miller (
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 09:16:31 -0500

When I have done projection design here in Madison we've been using a
Navitar lens and projection bulb, which let things be shown pretty clearly
from a distance of 50 ft onto a white scrim. I'm sorry I don't have access
to the exact model # and price, but I would think that you could either find
it on the web or perhaps a local rental place would have them in stock.
Good luck!

Jeff Miller
>From: Darren Kelly <>
>To: Dance & Technology <>
>Subject: Slide projection
>Date: Fri, Jun 12, 1998, 8:56 AM

>Quick lighting question:
>I recently used a good quality 300W Leika projector at performance to
>project slides onto a 150 cm x 150 cm screen, and some people said it was
>too faint. The venue was relatively bright, but the stage was not heavily
>The 150 cm x 150 cm screen is certainly a little smaller than desired, but
>there was no large, white surface available. The projector to screen
>distance was 4 m, giving nice coverage of the screen area. I'm anxious
>that the results will be inadequate when I do project onto a larger screen
>or surface. The screen was of good quality, but white. The reverse side is
>silver. The silver side seemed, if anything, dimmer when I tested it.
>I used this setup on the recommendation of the photographer who made the
>slides (from wall paintings). The slides are very good quality, and he
>made slides 3 stops either side of his ideal exposure guess, so I can try
>the darkest stops next time. A test, however, showed that these stops
>weren't generous enough.
>I also have large format slides, but these are too precious for me to use
>live often.
>Glad for tips or pointers about how to get the most out of my modest
>setup, which was quite an investment for me.
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