OT: Free Life Forms 3 Demo Now Available!!!

Bart Copeland (bartc@credo-interactive.com)
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 17:12:49 -0700

Explore the powerful new character movement features in Life Forms 3

Visit the Credo Interactive website - at <http://www.credo-interactive.com>
- and download our brand new Macintosh* demo version of Life Forms 3 -

With amazing advances in movement technology, Life Forms 3 represents a
great leap forward for easy-to-use and intutive character movement. Life
Forms 3 give you more power to create natural character movement with
such high end features as:

- inverse kinematics aids fast, easy keyframe creation
- built in rendering provides a complete presentation environment
- a file browser promotes easy access to all you animations
- powerful range editing options provide the ability to edit movements of
a series of keyframes, instantaneously!
- and much more!

To download you own demo version of Life Forms 3, or for more information
of Life Forms, simply visit the Credo Interactive website at

* look for a Windows 95/NT version to be available soon!

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