Re: NYC resources for dance-vid

Dawn Stoppiello (
Sun, 31 May 1998 11:32:15 -0400

Just a quick reply...

>--foundations to approach for funding for multidisciplary collaborations
*check The Foundation Center and/or with The Feild

>--spaces (performance venues, galleries) in NYC that are equipped with video
>projector(s) (other than the Kitchen w/ which we are currently in contact)
*Gertrude Stein Repertory has some projectors and some other gear.

>--relatively affordable ways of accessing video projectors and digital editing
*Harvestworks (aka Tellus, Studio Pass) has a killer editing system (Media
100) which Mark recently had a grant to use. It runs about 65$ an hour
otherwise but perhaps you could apply for that same grant we just got.

Good luck and keep us posted.

thats all for now...please come see our upcoming show (June 4, 5, 6) at
Context Studios, 28 Ave. A at 8pm, 12$

gotta run. Dawn

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