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Stephie Thiersch (thiersch@rumms.uni-mannheim.de)
Sat, 16 May 1998 11:10:50 +0200

hi, it was very interesting to follow the conversations in the list, but as i'm moving to a place without any e-mail adress (so far), i have to quit the list.
anyway I would like to inform you about my company. 3 years ago we created a kind of laboratory out of 5 professional dancers from Germany and Brazil and 5 videoartists. Generally we try to find new/interesting ways of intermedia. we just had premiere of our new piece "inter-w-all" at Rosengarten/Mannheim - Germany. With the help of 2 moving gaze-screens and a backprojection (10x8m) we worked on the general idea of interval - beeing in between images, the dancing body filling the space in between the lines and so beeing condition for any kind of "sense".
If anyone is interested in our work I would like to discuss more detailed about any kind of work going in that direction: At that moment you can reach me at
stephanie thiersch
c/o kohler
boosstr. 16
81541 münchen
tel. +49 (0)89-65114975 (or you contact Joint Adventures/Munich-Germany)

St=%ISO-8859-1?B?6Q==?=phan Silver wrote:

Besides books which are very few indeed, there are the works of Oskar
Schlemmer who was the head of the Theatre Department at the Bauhaus (early
20c). His preoccupation was "Man in Space".  He set-up mini performances and
demonstrations of the extended energies of a figure on stage (i.e. in

I am both an architect and dancer, and have performed in pieces that involve
the use of drawing in one way or another.  Some of my works have been
created on stage as a backdrop to the movement.  Others have been outdoor
studies with paper mounted against a wall or placed right on the ground.
Locations range from art galleries to public squares to the small
confinements of a shop window.