New Technology & the Arts events july august ?

Saskia Wieringa (
Thu, 14 May 1998 10:10:30 +0000

Dear Dance-tech members,

My name is Saskia Wieringa and I work as a production manager at Black
Box Theatre in Oslo, Norway. Black Box Theatre is the one and only
theatre in Oslo presenting independent dance- and theatregroups of high
artistic level.

In 1998 we are working with the preparations for a huge manifestation
about New Technology and the Arts which will take place in Oslo in the
year 2000.

We have got some subsidies from the Norwegian Cultural Board for this
pre-project which we intend to use on travelling in Europe and Canada to
explore the landscape of New Technology and the Arts.

The directors of three important Norwegian cultural institutes (Black
Box Theatre, Henie Onstad Museum of Modern Art and The Ultima Festival
of Contemporary Music) intend to travel to in Europe and Canada during
July and August 1998 and would like to know what«s going on during and
around that period on the field of New Tecnology and the Arts. They are
interested in performances, demonstrations, festivals etc. using New
Tecnology (f.e. Virtual Reality). The material of this "pre-project"
will be of major importance for the manifestation in the year 2000.

Please let me know what«s going on ASAP either on mail or at faxnr:
+ 47 22 83 73 47

On forehand thanks a lot and best regards

Saskia Wieringa
Production Manager