Company In Space performance in Australia

John McCormick (
Mon, 11 May 1998 21:46:09 +1000

Hi all.
If anyone happens to be in town (Melbourne Australia) then you may want
to drop in to see this performance / installation. Mediated. by Company
In Space
Installation runs Tuesday to Friday 10am - 5pm. Till May 26. Free.
Performance is on Saturdays 1pm & 3pm May 16 & 23. $10/$8

Gallery 101
101 Collins St.
+61 3 9654 6886

The work is a series of environments that may be explored at leisure.
They explore the notions of mediated relationships in various forms. The
environments work at a deeper level if there are more than 1 person
participating, as there are generally two or more areas that inform any
one environment. We've tried to design the work so that participants
need to negotiate the prescence of others, rather than investigation
being a solo pursuit.

The environments include:

The Wishing Well
Peering into a suspended pool of water, the persons image is transformed
on a projected screen. The kind of transformation, the outward
presentation of the person can be determined by other participants as
well as by the movement of the water.

The Vortex
A screen divides two participants who cannot see eachother, except for
representations of themselves on the screen. They have at their disposal
a series of conversations in different languages that may be mixed by
manipulating graphic objects on screen (reaching out with their
representative self to move the objects.) Thus the two negotiate a
conversational sound score.

Laser Corridor
Two arrays of lasers when moved through moderate the screening of line
animations of details of a person's body. In performance the dancers
engage with the idea of the desire for change.

Sand Pit (not the real name)
An area covered in sand is mapped over the image of a person standing in
another part of the gallery. Drawing in the sand can be used to reveal,
hide or augment the appearance of the person.

The work attempts to use organic textural materials as part of the
interfaces to the environments, and encourages (or requires) the
participants to be quite active in order to elicit change.

If you can make it, please stop to say hello. One of us is in all the

Hellen Sky - Choreography
John McCormick - Visual design, construction and code
Garth Paine - Sound design