event for may

Susan Kozel (s.kozel@surrey.ac.uk)
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 12:44:49 +0000

notice of upcoming event


date: 8 may
time: midnight
location: Brighton Media Centre
9-12 Middle St
Brighton UK

LIFTLINK is a continuation of exploration into telematics and the linking of
locations and performers. It is part of the National Street Art Festival and
the Brighton Festival, sponsored by Lighthouse, Zap Productions and South
East Dance Agency.

It is free.

Dancers in the lift of the Brighton Media Centre will be linked with a
dancer in the car park. This is an exploration of confined and open spaces,
private and public spaces.

the team includes:

Jonny Clark
Ruth Gibson
Guy Hilton
Susan Kozel
Annie Lok
Dominique Rivoal
Stirling Steward
Kirk Woolford

all welcome!!

Susan Kozel
Department of Dance Studies
University of Surrey