Re: Sharir Dance Company

Nick Rothwell (
29 Apr 1998 09:40:08 -0000

> It's probably time to bring content into sharper relief
> and push the technology (the nuts'n'bolts) more into the background. The
> tools are less interesting as they become more sophisticated yet simpler to
> use. It's how we use them that's interesting, as well as what we use them
> for...isn't it??

To us, yes. Yet I've spent many years using innovative control systems
for performing electronic scores for dance, and getting very little
interest. On the one hand, many dancers don't have a grasp for live
music and interaction/improvisation at all, so my natural tendency is
to totally de-emphasise the technology in favour of what it
enables. But then, THIS approach means I can't get any press coverage,
because the media want to know what's new, different and innovative;
so I have to OVER-emphasise the technology.

This is why I hate the whole idea of cyber-conferences and
performances. On the other hand, it seems we cannot succeed in
conventional cultural circles yet. I hope this will change.

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