Re: Sharir Dance Company

Nick Rothwell (
28 Apr 1998 16:57:12 -0000

> "Electric Mask" uses a video motion capture system for the creation
> of sound interactively in real time. the work includes four
> CyberHumanDancers animated on the computer (Poser+) and out-putted
> to video. (no human dancers included in this work. "All Round Me"
> uses booth human bodies and body-bags +projected computer generated
> 3D animation's. The human dancers will be activating sound
> interactively in real time by applying pressure as they move on an
> Electronic Dance Floor. "Command Enter" uses movement material
> generated totally on the computer (Poser II +Detailer++).

Don't take this as criticism, but: what are these pieces attempting to

A lot of announcements here describe pieces in terms of what
technology they use, how they use it, and (sometimes) the working
method applied to make the pieces. Very few announcements describe the
artistic intent of the piece.

Am I being over-critical? Am I missing something in my interpretation?

Is the use of technology in dance considered interesting in and of

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