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Nick Rothwell (
5 May 1998 09:47:16 -0000

> This is a real musical instrument, we're not just triggering
> sequences; players trigger INDIVIDUAL NOTE EVENTS with POSITIVE
> FEEDBACK AS TO THEIR INPUT. These note events, however, are
> 'invisibly' adjusted behind the sc= enes in real time, so the music
> aesthetic is coherent as to pitch (note/chord/scale), timbre
> (instrumentation/effects), and rhythmic/temporal/duration alignment.

If the note events are adjusted behind the scenes to such an extent,
then the dancers are not playing the notes in the sense that a
musician would. These "adjusting" functions would seem to represent
the musical composition and a great deal of the musical performance.

Let me turn this example on its head: if somebody were to design a
system allowing "anybody to choreograph", featuring a lifelike
simulated dancer, plus a few simple controls marked "head, left arm,
right arm" and so on, and if there were "adjustment functions" which
would take a novice's input on these controls in order to make the
movement coherent, smooth and articulate, would any novice now be a

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