Re: 'media archaeology'

Mark Coniglio (
Sat, 2 May 1998 11:06:48 -0500

Dear List,

Hello from Troika Ranch is in Nebraska, where we performing rep and a
community based work that we developed in collaboration with students at a
Middle School here.

Whilst catching up on the last month and a half of posts, I noted the
message from Luke Kalich

>I think it is important to note that the three first Dance and Technology
>COnference were begun by and suppported by the National Dance Association.
>Buff Brennan and I were the instigators of the first one in Madison, WI.

I was wondering, Luke, if there was any written documentation on that first
event, who was there, what was shown, etc. I am always keen to find out
more of the history of our shared area of interest. If there is not written
documentation, I know that I, and probably most folks here, would be
interested to hear about that first conference in more detail.

It also caught my eye that this took place in Madison, where we go next to
lecture and show some of our work. I noted also that Doug Rosenberg is
based there. Does Madison have a historical importance when it comes to
Dance and Technology?


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