Re: use of the net in creating/presenting dances

STUART JOSHUA MICHAEL (stuartj@rintintin.Colorado.EDU)
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 10:53:05 -0600 (MDT)

On Sun, 12 Apr 1998, Richard Lord wrote:


Our group here in Colorado is working on designing a simple animator
that runs in Java. We're building it with the idea of showcasing the
chaotic shuffler. When the project's completed, anyone on the web will
be able to upload their own dances onto the animator, shuffle them,
and then save the newly shuffled dances. They'll also be able to call
my interpolator that fills in missing transitions in the dance. We're a
long way away from having something useable at this point, I just wanted
to call your attention to it for future reference. The first running
versions will probably be very limited: they won't handle multiple figures or
let you translate the figure through xyz space; they'll only let you manipulate
one figure's joint orientations. When the Java animator's up and running
you'll find a link to it from the page:

(no link exists at the moment!). Take care,

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> Hi all. I've been lurking around here a while now but posting very
> little. I've been asked to do a lecture on dance and the internet,
> specifically looking at ways choreographers are using the internet in
> creating or presenting dance works. i.e. not web sites for publicising
> companies or performances. I know of a few projects, besides my own,
> where choreographers have done this but would welcome any information,
> particularly suggestions of web sites to look at.
> Thanks
> Richard Lord
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