FW: use of the net in creating/presenting dances

Phyllis G. Douglass (thebridgednc@earthlink.net)
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Subject: RE: use of the net in creating/presenting dances

I am currently working on an internet dance project but it will not be completed soon. Check out Troika Ranch. They are based in New York and work in multimedia and new technology. They have a choreographic work which was done on and for the internet which will also be performed live. It is very interesting and I think it is exactly what you are looking for. Check out my site at http://home.earthlink.net/~thebridgednc for info. Troika Ranch is listed on my Link page.

Phyllis Douglass

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Subject: use of the net in creating/presenting dances

Hi all. I've been lurking around here a while now but posting very
little. I've been asked to do a lecture on dance and the internet,
specifically looking at ways choreographers are using the internet in
creating or presenting dance works. i.e. not web sites for publicising
companies or performances. I know of a few projects, besides my own,
where choreographers have done this but would welcome any information,
particularly suggestions of web sites to look at.


Richard Lord

Choreographer richard@bigroom.co.uk
London, UK http://www.bigroom.co.uk/