Re: virus infected file sent to the list as attachement to Re:

Richard Grevers (
Sun, 12 Apr 1998 11:26:52

At 10:41 AM 12/04/98 +1200, you wrote:
>Jean Marc Matos recently sent an infected file as an attachment to this list
>- the document netquest.doc was infected with the WM.Cap.A virus.
>If you don't have antivirus protection you will have unwittingly opened
that attachment,
>and if you use MS Word it may have infected other files in your system.

I knew there was a good reason for having Wordperfect instead of Microsoft
Word! :-)

BTW, would it be possible for you to send notification of any Auckland
dance events which you know of and wich aren't already on the
OnStage Diary ( to the editor, John
Walker? (, or use the online submission form).
I don't mean this ML, though...

Many Thanks
Richard Grevers

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