Re: Removal from Dance-TEch

Wayne Siegel (
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 21:26:02 +0100

Hi Mark

I am in away on vacation and didn't want my automatic vacation answer to
go out to everyone who sends mail on the list. Just a temporary
unsubscribe until I return. Sorry for the mistake.

E-you later.


Mark Coniglio wrote:
> Dear Wayne,
> You sent your remove request to the wrong address. The info on what to
> do is below.
> I am sorry to see you leave. I know things have been a bit quiet here
> lately, but it seems to go in fits and starts. In any case, I am sorry
> also that we did not get the chance to meet up in Amsterdam or London
> last winter. I seem to remember that you said you might be there -- I
> would have liked to have met and found out more about your work and
> your suit. You aren't planning any visits to New York, are you?
> In any case, here is the unsubscribe info.
> Best Wishes,
> Mark Coniglio
> Once you are on the list, you can remove your self simply. Just Send
> email to
> with the words
> unsubscribe dance-tech
> in the body of the message. (Again, not the subject line - the list
> server ignores any information in the subect line.) You will be
> removed from the list and receive no further mail from the dance-tech
> list server.
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