RE: looking for *lots* of dance animations

Scott deLahunta (
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 07:46:10 +0200

In response to last two postings regarding animations:

There was a discussion on 'animations' on the dance-tech list in 1997. If
you go to the archive pages and search
on subject for 1997, I think you will find them under the subject line
"animations". Involved in that thread were Richard Lord, Lisa Marie Naugle,
Robert Wechsler, Leslie Bishko, David Rodger Jason Marchant, gjhilton, nik...

You could also search all the archives on "lifeforms" to see where
discussion has popped up in other places.

As far as 'archives' of Lifeforms dances I am not aware, but have often
wondered about possibility of creating a site where lifeforms dances by
choreographers could be obtained. On the Lifeforms site at Simon Fraser you
can obtain quicktime versions of some of Jason Marchant's dances and a few
others. I have several very good lifeforms dances on disks which colleagues
have given to me. I suppose I could ask them if it would be possible to put
them on the DTZ for downloading purposes.

On the topic of linking motion capture to "lifeforms" there has also been
some discussion. See Thecla Schiphorst's Electric Body project proposal for
last year's Siggraph here

There is some movement here in Holland to build a system for linking the two
as well, but I am only peripherally aware of the activity.

Noticing that Andrea Snyder was posting from the dance preservation
initiative which is connected to the UCLA National Dance/Media Project
( -- it might be interesting
for some to know about PADS (performing arts documentation service) in the
UK (


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