Digital Dancing in Sweden

Terry Braun (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 17:51:19 +0000

This is a quick note to inform you that Richard Lord, Enid Gill, Henry
Johnson and I will be doing a "mini" Digital Dancing in Stockholm 17th and
18th of April showing Richard and Enid's work in progress (developed during
Digital Dancing 97 in London) as well as demonstrations of motion capture.

This is by invitation of the British Council and will be part of a
festival/event entitled "Open Windows on Europe", an international
multimedia project taking place in Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden 14-24
April 1998, involving 8 countries.

The other countries participating are: Germany, Austria, Poland, Greece,
Czech Republic, Finland and France - each contributing

<> tells you a little but not a lot more...

I thought that it would be important to locate Digital Dancing in the
context of "what's happening" in British Electronic Arts (etc.) as well as
show digital work that actually involves a performing human being and is
not entirely screen-based...

We will offer three types of activity:
1. We will be working/choreographing/rehearsing/programming in the
background through-out the day on both days - people will be welcome to
watch and if engage in conversations as & when...
2. We will offer short (10 / 15 min?) performances of work-in-progress at
1400 and 1800 each of the two days.
3. We will present short lecture/demonstrations at 1530-1630 on each of the
two days. NB these will be "hands-on" and will allow a few (3 or 4 max?)
people to actually try out being fitted up in the motion capture

Other Digi-Brit contributors include:
Lisa Haskell showing excerpts from photo 98/ and highlights from Lovebyte
Festival, LEA vids/cdroms etc: Adrian Freidli from Humberside Arts Board &
Hugo Glendinning showing the wonderful "Frozen Palaces" & Steve Bode/ Mike
Jones from Film & Video Umbrella presenting Umbrella Animation vids/cdroms,

If any of you are around - pls arrange to come and play with us...

Terry Braun

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