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Scott A. Sutherland (
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 10:45:36 -0800

>>Hello dance and technology folks, this is my first time jumping into the
>>Our campus is planning to buy a digital video camera suitable for capturing
>>clear images of live dance and theatre performances. Which digital cameras
>>do you recommend? The approximate price?
>The Sony VX-1000 has worked very well for us, and is somewhere around
>$3000. There are loads of new cameras appearing now though. You need to
>decide between DVCam and MiniDV (respectively the pro format and the
>prosumer format). MiniDV is much cheaper to run because the tapes are
>cheaper. The DVCam cameras tend to be more expensive ($10K up) and have
>better optics and behave more like professional cameras.

I agree with Richard. If you are in the market for a sub-$10K camera, The
VX-1000 is hard to beat. I've had one since last summer, and can
definitely recommend it. I haven't (yet) tried it under stage lighting
though, so I can't tell you how it preforms under those conditions.

- Scott Sutherland

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