Re: response to "Hi babe!"

stiller and neil zusman (
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 20:51:49 -0500

>everyone makes mistakes.

its how a good artist thinks, works...get loose.

> And anyway, don't we all get unsolicited mail everyday? - one piece more or
> less is surely no big deal ...

so true, not hard to find the delte key, its digital.

> Its easy to be harsh on the internet somehow. No real consequences.
but multiple realities already exist on the internet, with real
consequences. the bridge to "real" mass media like the NYT or radio and
tv is already there. what gets said on these lists is said to a sizable
audience from all walks of life and different cultures. no one who
reads these posts has any obligation to secrecy.

i know that comedy writers especially love the foibles that come out
when personality emerges for observation because the writer believes
they are in "private".

the writer, having given us no understanding of what special pressures
they may be under which causes them to be so curt, may yet soon find
themselves the subject (names changed, etc.) of some funny spoof on
net-neurotics now on display at their neigborhood newsstand, around the
real block where they really live.
> friendly regards,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -Robert