video from Palindrome

Robert Wechsler (
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 00:24:28 +0100

>Tell me how to obtain videos? I am in US, and work with a dance group
>utilizing video and technology. I would be interested in obtaining the videos
>mentioned in Nick's E-mail.

Anyone wishing a copy of Palindrome's video... I am happy to send you one.

They are available in ntsc (U.S. format) as well as PAL. they are 25
minutes long (i think) and contain a number of short samples of interactive
things we have done (including "Der Minotarius" in its entirety).

Give me an address and i will send it airmail.

But please pay me for my costs. copying + shipping is ca. 45 DM. I can
also accept U.S. dollars (which must be around 30$ if i have the exchange
rates right.)

Some people to whom I sent tapes last year have yet to pay me. Um...
Please do if you are among those...

In fact, prudence would dictate:

Please send a check with your address and I will respond by sending a tape.


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