Re: Working Multimedia

Lisa Marie Naugle (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 23:56:57 -0800 (PST)

>>I would really like to now what artists have ever undertaken work
>>that is the same/similar, or artists that have used one or two of
>>these aspects, as before the university will grant permission I must
>>first prove 'its worth'.

In 1990 I began choreographing Lifeforms figures for live performance. The
first piece was "Boundaries" and consisted of 5 LF figures and 5 live
dancers. It was presented at New YOrk UNiversity, Tisch School of the

The Life Forms choreography, is usually created to mix with the live dance
sequences. I've worked with set designers who have built various
structures for the LF figures...this flucuates depending upon finances and
the performance space. Also, the music is usually a collaborative effort
with composers who are able to program for interactive sound or graphics.

I hope this helps


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