My final project @ LIPA

Gerd Willschütz (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 12:14:09 +0000

Hi everybody,
I am not sure if it is ok to send, as it is not really about
dance-technology (it could be), but I thought it could be interesting to
get some comments from you.
At the moment I am writing my final dissertation at the Liverpool
Institute for Performing Arts and my thesis is as follows:

The way fashion is presented is changing and needs to be changed even
more radically in order to follow the requirements of the new emerging
cultures. The end-product, clothes, is not the primary product of the
fashion industry. Rather the promoting of a lifestyle via the way
clothes and/or the brand is presented.
Fashion shows, if changed to high quality performances, events or
installations with possible theatrical elements, will show even more the
connection between emotions, art and fashion. This will also emphasise
the desired marketing process of building a brand.

I know some people will say now this is commercial this is not art ...
but there is a good possibility to create very interesting performances
keeping also in mind that there can be a lot of money involved from
fashion companies. The whole field is full of compromises because of
that money but that is a challenge.

Gerd WillschŸtz

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