Re: looking for a colaboration

Dominique Rivoal (
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 06:50:23 -0800 (PST)

Hello Kate,

I have been thinking over the week end about the piece...
Joachim Sauter created a a projection of a painting that destroy
itself where you look.
This instalation used a camera on the user who tract where his or her
eyes are looking and hand the information to a computer that change
the area being watched.
Similarly i want to do an instalation/performance that uses this
devices in a real space, obect bodies sound are brought to life as the
looked watched, he may choose to focus on nothing or used a peripheral
vision, when he stops looking the objects or bodies freeze.I would
like to have a narrative that can be told in an non linear way ie :in
the order of being aknolweded.
As the "USER" enter the room he will sweeps the space and then focuses
his gaze..
The dancer(s) can takes the user vision through a journey in space and
to different body part, The looker can look places to make sound
I want to concentrate on getting the technical stuff together, i am
recherching into eye tracking technology and space. I want to work
with a choreographer that will create the mouvement material and
available for rehersals + participate in the content and narrative of
the space.
I am thinking too much about the form the technology probably not
enough about the content....I suppose working with all those
technologies are alien teritories and I open that meanings will emerge
from the experiment.
What do you think ?


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