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Sun, 25 Jan 1998 23:10:09 -0800 (PST)

Look who's on Artswire's CURRENT listserv this week!

sandi kurtz

TROIKA RANCH -- -- is a New York City
based dance theater company. "Our mission is to create vibrant
performances that dramatically address the contemporary urban
landscape through the integration of four disciplines: dance /
music / theater / interactive technology," Artistic Directors Mark
Coniglio and Dawn Stoppiello write on the web site.

They call their attempt to fuse these forms "The Slash Arts" which
they define as "a search for the chaotic area where these four
forms mix. It is in this mixture that we formulate our
performances, works that we hope will challenge our audience
intellectually and emotionally."

In addition to scheduled performances, TROIKA RANCH has performed
a series of unannounced (and uninvited) "guerrilla" performances
or "RAIDS" at public sites throughout the New York City area --
from the Entrance to the Holland Tunnel Winter to the Wintergarden
at the World Financial Center. Visit the site to find out more!