Re: (Fwd) fwd: FW: Don't Quote Me....

Nick Rothwell (
15 Jan 1998 12:32:33 -0000

> >- Below is a message regarding charges for e-mail usage that is of
> >interest to all of us. Please take the time to read. Kathy Coyle

This thing just smacked of yet another Internet "mind virus" as soon
as I saw it, so I did a DejaNews scan. Some 600 messages matching this
FCC email address have been posted to random groups over the last few
days, which is a classic "mind virus" profile. The message content is
false, and the FCC's own web site (which the posters and forwarders
obviously didn't think to consult) explicitly states this: see

for the details.

I suspect this one will run and run, just like the Craig Shergold virus.

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