Re: choreographers and composers/rhythm and lala Human Steps

Mary-Lou Michael (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 23:27:24 +0000

David Rodger wrote:
> Mary-Lou wrote:
> >I have this really weird heart beat... it is irregular... they tried
> >three times before giving up and connecting their apparatus to another
> >audience member!
> Dawn wrote:
> >Damn them! They should have faced the challenge of your irregular heartbeat
> >and went for it! Did you fail the technology or did it fail you?
> Oh, Mary-Lou definitely failed the technology--at least in a media world
> where unattainable perfection (fat-less, hairless, utterly symmetrical) is
> so prized, and bodily difference so disdained.

Actually I think you are both right... but in a sense, there was
nothing wrong with the technology at all... in fact the dancers,
predicting the regularity of a 'usual' heart beat... couldn't keep in
time with the irregular rhythm of my heart. Although I like Dawn's
response... as artists working with the technology, these are
precisely the considerations one should TRY to predict. The more
gadgets... the more to consider.... not that I am anti
experiments...(sigh)... I just wish I could actually 'see' what some
of you are doing!! Any chance of Troika coming to Adelaide?
Hmmmm..., back to LaLaLa, I do think the audience response to their
'trick', was slightly weakened, because they couldn't do it with my
heart beat the first time. I don't think dance audiences are so
submissive and accepting of the 'media world', I think they are
becoming increasingly more aware and knowledgable.... It's important
that there are successful examples of professional companies utilising

Bye All