Re: money = ability

Darren Kelly (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 12:13:53 +0100 (MET)

On Sat, 10 Jan 1998, Mary-Lou Michael wrote:

> I'm not sure if my innitial feelings about d/t are the same anymore. I
> don't believe it is a medium we should avoid, or worse, be afraid of,
> but I believe we should think carefully about the essence of
> technology, and in doing so not forget the essence of dance!!

Mary-Lou, I think it's all very simple. with technology come new
possiblities. Clearly, less time/money will be invested in some
of the existing possibilities.

Some dancers and choreographers will always employ dance "pure"
Some " " " will sometimes employ dance "pure" and
sometimes technological options.
Some dancers and choreographers will always use dance combined with
technological options.

The same thing happens (ongoing) in all art forms. Some painters like to
fiddle with computer art. Some use it always. Some never. Some musicians
never make videos to accompnay their music. Some never play live. The
support for live music has diminished as playback/ DJ technology has
developed. I don't think technoligy in dance it is "revolutionary" to the
degree that existing "pure" dance forms will be undermined. There is still
a fascination for the possibilites of the human body alone, as seen in the
popularity of the olympics (with or without rocket fuel). Gees, some
people still even like writing with pen and paper.

> AND...I loved the thread about children!

I first realised the full potential of me sensor-suit when my
ex-girlfriend (obviously hoping to marry) said: "Oh no, I can see it now.
We'll be trying to sleep in on the weekend and I'll be woken by the kids
when they plug themselves into your stupid suit and prance around with the
volume turned up way too loud."


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