Re: economic barriers

stiller and neil zusman (
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 10:38:09 -0500

i must say that this is the most thoughtful and soulful list i read on
the internet.

more of a reader than a writer though, the issues discussed here for me
are a springboard and a frame for action in performance, whether they're
in the theater or on the web.

is there anyone dealing with current world events the way, say, a folk
singer like old dylan or baez or seeger or other 60's poets and
activists like the berrigans might do? sometimes the technology used
for communication outside the mainstream, such as this list, can keep us
aware of what the mainstream wishes to keep hidden.

a case in point is the recent chiapas massacre on dec. 22, 1997 where 55
mayans were brutally murdered by the mexican army. is this the spirit
of nafta?

regards to all,