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Mary-Lou Michael (
Sat, 03 Jan 1998 13:23:49 +0000

Robert Wechsler (Robert Wechsler) wrote:
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> >On the other hand, Dance does seem to have a cloistered, slightly parochial
> >culture for reasons which I've never been able to completely fathom.
> >Perhaps it's a sense of attrition in the face of a middle-class media which
> >seems to elevate it out of reach of the common man?
> I dunno, Nick, I think Dawn's point is well-taken. You seem pretty biased
> there to me. Your letters offended me as well. I dont know what dance you
> have seen and havent, but you seem to like to draw some narrow-minded
> conclusions.
> having lived and worked as a choreographer in a few different countries, one
> thing that has always impressed me is just how varied the scenes are from
> one place to the next. That is, although one may have seen a lot dance in a
> certain area, one can see a whole diffrent face of things somewhere else.
> And i dont just mean the _way_ people move, i mean the _reason_ they move --
> what they think they are up to. But the larger point, Dawn's, is that there
> are, as small as the dance world is, still lots of kinds of us out there,
> far too many to pigeon hole.
> god knows, i too have seen dances i thought were pretentious. so what
> should i conclude?
> I have visited cities, or institutions, where I too had the feeling
> the dancers were a "cloistered" culture, but I wouldnt want to state this as
> a matter of fact. I mean, you can walk in a dairy and think dairy farmers
> are a closed bunch of people too. Openness, or lets say humility, is a
> wonderful human quality. Something, we could agree, the world might do with
> a little more of.
> -robert wechsler
Bravo Robert!