Re: Interactive Performance

Gerd Willschütz (
Sat, 03 Jan 1998 11:17:53 +0000

Hello everybody !
This is my first mail to the list (sooo exited) and I am sorry to say
that I dont have much time right now but I thought I have to show that:

I am this :

And the project I would like to show all you dancers and none-dancers is
this :

This is a project where I am working on for a while and that I would
like to extend with dancers (interactive or not). The graphics on the
web site are all graphic real-time representations of the live sound
done with a programme you can get almost everywhere. (Hint --> Screen
Savers) The sound is completely improvised beetween two turntables and
an electric guitar.

We are preparing at the moment for another performance and I am looking
for some ideas to include dancers to this ! Ideally they have to be
based in the UK (Liverpool area) or Germany (Cologne area).

I am back to regular work within the next two weeks !! (Hint: More time)

Hope to hear from you ....The show must go on !

gerd willschŸtz