Re: money = ability

Johannes Birringer (
Sat, 03 Jan 1998 01:10:47 -0600

What a strangely interesting discussion lately on the dawn of a new year.
We must watch out, if we are being quoted by researchers. Robert, you don't
sound ironic at all, or do you? I know dairy farmers to be quite
open-minded, actually. I also admire the (military) scientists for handing
us down technology they might now find laughable or sweetly outdated. That
kills two birds. We are laughing too. I know some scientists who are good
dancers. We need more benefactors. I recommend real estate
business/development. Nice folks, they love dance and know their MTV (=
promotional value). Ability is the bird in flight considering summersault
when the night is yellow.
We might call it anti-theatre, like nature.

best wishes
Johannes Birringer
aliennation co.