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Darren Kelly (
Fri, 2 Jan 1998 14:15:10 +0100 (MET)

On Wed, 31 Dec 1997, David Rodger wrote: (in reply to Richard Povall's
> >The ultimate environment reads motion perfectly, doesn't place any
> >restrictions on the performer(s), differentiated perfectly between a number
> >of moving bodies in a single space, and is completely invisible to the
> >audience.
> > Yes, but do you know anyone who's got one? ;-)

Yes, and it's completely free. (Australians and humour: a dangerous brew.
PROST !:)>)... No, I don't now anyone who has one. If it exists, they are
almost certainly off somewhere enjoying it instead of sitting reading

The ultimate environment requires (apparently miraculous) front end
technology, very flexible control software, and of course end stage


FRONT-END: Anything could happen in the New Year, but Polhemus' EM motion
tracking seems to come closest to Richard's desires, even though $20000
for an eight-sensor quit which restricts the dancers to a performance
region of about 2 metres x 2 metres might not make his day. All of the
available technologies have pros and cons. And they all cost money.

MID-LEVEL: However, from what I can tell, the original question (from a
software company rowntree3D) was almost certainly aimed at the mid-level
control. Of course the control software is making enormous strides, and
if my DranceWare++ doesn't make 1998 a very exciting year I'll have to eat
my hat, which happens to be a classical Aussie felt Akubra, one made from
ten 170th generation pesky rabbits.

END-STAGE: I hereby invite replies to challenge my misconception that this
area is actually pleasingly satisfactory. What needs to be improved here
apart from cost ?

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