Re:PARACHUTE- Under construction/Press release

Johannes Birringer (
Fri, 02 Jan 1998 05:32:42 -0600

Dear friends and companeras:

RELEASE 1 January 1998

[under construction]

The Americas Saturday January 17 8:oo pm Navigation & Jensen
(northeast of downtown)

AlienNation Co. (Johannes Birringer, Artistic Director) and The
TransAmerica Group
LLC. (Alan J. Atkinson, Managing Director) invite the public to a preview
event and
benefit concert on Saturday, January 17.

Introducing "Parachute," a series of striking performance and film events
to be created in unused public spaces of Houston's historic downtown
district during the International FotoFest 1998 (February 27-March 31), the
concert presents the transcultural dance/film & performance organization
AlienNation Co. to the Houston public and art supporters.

AlienNation Co. is dedicated to the development of new performance media
live stage performances and exhibitions with new digital art technologies.
The company
plans to stage the first global live online web-broadcast of a performance
from Houston
during its film installation at 316 Main Street in March.

For the opening weekends of FOTOFEST, AlienNation Co. prepares a series of
performances and concerts in "public" spaces in downtown Houston (Hogg
Building rooftop, Ampco Parking Lot at Kim Son) and an indoor multimedia
process installation in the old "Dean's Instant Credit/Clothing" Building
on 316 Main Street. Artistic Collaborators for PARACHUTE include Sandra
Organ, Gabriela Villegas, Lourdes Pérez, Tania Botelho, Steve Paré, Sandra
Skrabanek, Mark Medina, Chan Uk Park, Angeles Romero, Hans Staartjes,
Yannis Efstathiou, Tonya Borisov, and Jim Pirtle.

"Under Construction" at the same time attempts a unique choreography of the
historical physical structure of the former El Mercado del Sol, a decayed
building currently under redevelopment by its new owner, The TransAmerica
Group. Named "The Americas," the building will host restaurants, rental
lofts, and commercial space after its re-opening in 1998. In this daring
cooperation with independent artists, The TransAmerica Group will provide
access to the entire 385.000 square feet building complex during the one
night of the benefit concert.

Gourmet catering, live music, DJs, films, visual art installations, and
entertainment are provided. There will be a silent auction to benefit
AlienNation Co.'s Parachute production.

Admission tickets are $ 35 ($ 50 per couple). For reservations call 713
521 3325.

For more information about AlienNation Co. and its members, contact Johannes
Birringer at the DDA Studio, 518 Hawthorne #2, Houston, TX 77006.
tel/fax: 713 521 3325. email:

For a full visual documentation of the company's artistic work and
preproduction for "Parachute," visit the website: