Re: money = ability

Dawn Stoppiello (
Thu, 1 Jan 1998 19:33:28 -0500

>I asked a couple questions about content and meaning of chosing to
>integrate dance & technology in performance projects when I first joined
>this discussion group. A few responded with things like we do it because
>we like to, because it's fun, because we think it's interesting. But no
>one said: "because we can." "because we are the privedged class."
>It's no wonder when people go to see work of this kind that it's hard for
>the audience to find a way in if the artists are just techno-wanking.

First, is "because we can" somehow a more "honest/admission of guilt"
answer than the other answers we gave? I am not trying to save or kill
humanity with my technology - I use my computer the same way I use all my
other tools (bodies, space, stage lighting, video etc) which is to make my
art pieces.

Second, which "people" are going to see this work that they hate so much?
Are they not also of the priveledged, expendable income, art-seeing class?
I also think it is rather short sighted to say "work of this kind" which
implys that all of us on this list make exactly the same kind of work. Is
that like saying people who use paint all paint the same bullshit about

Third, my Uncle thinks I'm just modern dance "wanking" even when there is
no techno-involved. He doesn't see the value of dance period. I am sorry
that he can't find a way into my work but I make what I make and I am not
interested in custom making my message to fit every person's agenda. Why
are you on this list if you think it's all such a big waste of time. If you
think your dystopian message is a new one - think again. I also take it
personally because, yes I may be of a more priveledged class than another
but I don't have the kind of luxury life that you seem to be implying. And
what exactly is the income line between less afluent, afluent and more

Geez...I'm sorry but your comments really hit me the wrong way tonight.
well...good night & happy new year.

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