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Johannes Birringer (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 01:35:36 -0600

Mary-Lou asked

Does anyone know what the academic procedure is for referencing
>email/internet resources? Nobody seems to know.
I suggest the following:

1. For an email correspondence, simply write: "References are to my
email correspondence with.......[or to email letter from........] on
[date]. Quoted with permission of the author.
If you are quoting from a list correspondence, use some phrase like the
above and mention that the correspondence took place in the ........list or
mailgroup [e.g. 'dance & technology zone mailgroup -]. I would give the name/address of the
mailgroup, if it's a group that is in existence for a while, and if you
have permission from the listmembers to quote from their posts.

2. If you quote from someone's website, ask for permisson from the webpage
artist/designer and then quote the webpage address, and date when you
downloaded the information. [e.g Quoted from Stelarc, Home Page
<>. The version I downloaded was shown on
the Web on October 14, 1996]
This is what I did in my new book, there were no guidelines, so I made
them up, and publisher agreed.Publishers want to make sure that you have
permission to quote from the webpage author or CD-Rom author [distributor].
This can get particuarly important if you quote sound or video files, since
I think it is comparable to quoting from a song from an album that is
copyrighted/licenced, or from a TV program. In those cases you need to get
permission from the record company or the TV producer.

Happy New Year everyone,

Johannes Birringer