Re: Troika in Europe

Johannes Birringer (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 02:35:54 -0600

Thanks Mark and Dawn for filling us in on your recent tour and
demonstrations, even in cold conditions.

you wrote

>We performed "In Plane" in a small theater at the Bauwkunst (School of
>Architecture) as part of Scott deLahunta's five-part series on
>technology in the arts..... We also gave a short
>presentaion at the New Media & Education conference that Scott had
>organized, explaining the basic ideas about the MidiDancer sensory system
>and speculating on how it might be used in schools.

I would be interested in learning how the host institution (School of
Architecture) got involved, what your audience was like (architects,
designers?) Also, could we hear more about Scott's conference, and the
relationship you all see between dance/technology (stage and professional
level workshops) in the arts and in education, why is d/t now becoming
interesting to education, or is it not so much dance but new media
technologies in education or as educational tools? What tools were
discussed, and for what learning objectives? How does your MidiDancer
sensory system work educationally, in what areas of education or art school
programs? Are these programs for schools in general or performing arts
schools in particular? how does dance figure in educational and
promotional literature? (I just realized, mmmmh, funny, that my Adobe
Premiere 4.o software handbook has most if not all illustrations in the
book (on video capturing/editing) with images of dancers and acrobats.

[This makes me think of the extraordainary Cirque du Soleil performances
("Quidam") we saw here in Houston.]

>In London, we were hosted by Susan Kozel at the HEAR space in an area
>called Islington...... where we talked at some
>length with Susan about what is happening in London, and about here
>experiences with Digital Dancing.

Mark, can you comment on differences or links you perceived between
dance/technology research & thinking in Holland/continent and in England?
I also would love to hear a more extensive report, perhaps from Susan, on
Digital Dancing.


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