Re: Interactive Performance

Paulo Henrique (
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 10:49:20 PST

Hello Philip,

probably you will not stay satisfier, but we never know..

> As performing artists what are your primary needs in performance

First of all I think it depends of your approach with technologies
that obviously goes to define the result of the use of those "
effects' (software/hardware). The machines also have their own
limitations and each software/hardware also goes to define the
aesthetic result, as each person as each way of express. I think your
needs are also going to be related with what you want to "tell/show",
so primary we really have to know well with what are you dealing
with, and what you can obtain from that. Research is always very
good, than you can start doing the interface between ideas and the
possibilities of the machine and if it serves your needs.

>The marriage of movement to sight, sound, smell, and touch via
>hardware seems to be sometimes cumbersome.

I agree with you, unless you have good material and time to work with
it, and is also good have an expert on the software/hardware. I
remember of seeing a performance (New york/ Tokyo) that was supposed
to be in real time. and sensation that have was very low-tech,
itreminded me when men was first time in the moon. It really requires
time for things work deeply, if you know what I mean?!... Time and
space and ...

>What would be the ultimate environment for you to interact with such

Personally, I think the ultimate environment it's the body itself.
working with technologies for 3 years, I found it sometimes very
frustrating and sometimes wonderful. Also this kind of projects
normally result better as installation piece than a staged one. the
viewer have more possibilities to interact and not just being
passive. Normally is only the performer who interacts with the space.
But all this is can't take it certainty. It all depends of your
goals, the machines you use, software/hardware, and the time.

have a nice x'mas ... for you all :)

Paulo H

Lisbon/New York

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